Beach weddings and other fun places to get married… So you’ve decided that the marriage is more important than the wedding and you need a gown that is practical for the beach. Does that even make sense? Yes, you can look lovely and not have all the foo-foo of a formal wedding gown […]

Destination weddings

So the wedding is in the Somerset, PA area but all the groomsmen are in other states? We make the entire rental and fitting process simple for out-of-state or multi-state groomsmen! Don’t feel forced into booking your rentals at big chain store or travel with a tux in tow! Once […]

Out of town groomsmen

Looking for a tuxedo to rent for Prom, Homecoming, or Spring Formal? Check the latest formal wear trends at Larenas, the area’s premier provider of tuxedos for all occasions. Our staff will present you with the broadest selection of tuxedos, vests and formal wear accessories to make sure you get exactly […]

Prom Tuxedos

Ok so you probably wouldn’t rent a tuxedo like the one shown unless your escorting a true Dumb & Dumber movie lover but that doesn’t mean you won’t need help.  First time tux rental might be a little scary so it can only help if you know what to expect. […]

Tuxedo Help 911

Prom Tux Shopping 101 Bring a swatch of some sort to help select the matching vest & tie.  Cell phone photos don’t cut it.   If you’re unable to shop together the girl may come by separately to select the vest color and guys can stop by to select the jacket style and […]

Prom Tux Tips 101

Getting married in 2017? Now is a great time to book your wedding tux or suit. Open til 8 on Wednesday!