Camo Dress & Gown Pricing

Ashton OvalPricing on select camo gowns and dresses in Mossy Oak Break Up. NOTE: These styles are ONLY available in Mossy Oak Break Up and are made of a poly stretch fabric.

These camo gowns and camo dresses are in stock or available for special order with very quick delivery times.

Try styles on during business hours at our Somerset, PA location. We do sell off the rack so we don’t always have every style in store.

CD Camo Gown & Dress Prices

Item #DressesTypeSizeTrimMSRP
100Zoey Camo Tube DressXS - XLAll$119.99
102Cadence Camo Halter GownXS - XLNone$179.99
102Cadence Camo Halter Gown2XLNone$184.98
102Cadence Camo Halter Gown3XLNone$185.98
103Mikayla Camo Prom GownXS - XLNone$179.99
103Mikayla Camo Prom Gown2XLNone$184.98
103Mikayla Camo Prom Gown3XLNone$185.98
104Callie Camo Cowell Neck DressXS - XLNone$119.99
104Callie Camo Cowell Neck Dress2XLNone$124.98
104Callie Camo Cowell Neck Dress3XLNone$125.98
109Allison Camo Sun DressXS - XLAll$99.99
109Allison Camo Sun Dress2XLAll$104.98
109Allison Camo Sun Dress3XLAll$105.98
114Carrie Ann Camo Halter GownXS - XLAll$179.99
114Carrie Ann Camo Halter Gown2XLAll$184.98
114Carrie Ann Camo Halter Gown3XLAll$185.98
115Cara Camo Halter DressXS - XLAll$149.99
115Cara Camo Halter Dress2XLAll$154.98
115Cara Camo Halter Dress3XLAll$155.98
117Emily Camo Prom GownXS - XLNone$179.99
117Emily Camo Prom Gown2XLNone$184.98
117Emily Camo Prom Gown3XLNone$185.98
118Emma Camo Homecoming DressXS - XLNone$149.99
118Emma Camo Homecoming Dress2XLNone$154.98
118Emma Camo Homecoming Dress3XLNone$155.98
Amanda Camo GownXS - XLNone$179.99
Amanda Camo Gown2XLNone$184.98
Amanda Camo Gown3XLNone$185.98
200Zelda Camo Rouched Tube TopTopXS -3XNone$65.99
201Haley Camo Handkerchief Halter TopTopXS - 3XCamo$59.99
201Haley Camo Handkerchief Halter TopTopXS - 3XPink$59.99
201Haley Camo Handkerchief Halter TopTopXS - 3XOrange$59.99
201Haley Camo Handkerchief Halter TopTopXS - 3XBlack$59.99
206Darcey Camo Tube TopTopXS - 3XNone$44.99
300Camo ShrugAccessoriesS - 3XNone$39.99
300BBlaze Orange ShrugAccessoriesS - 3XNone$39.99
301Camo Tie JacketAccessoriesS - 3XNone$49.99
302Camo Rectangle ShawlAccessoriesN/ANone$39.99
304Mia Camo Racer Back VestAccessoriesS - 3XNone$39.99
306Camo Infinity ScarfAccessoriesN/ANone$34.99
Item #LingerieSizeTrimMSRP
400Molly Camo Tank Night GownLingerieXS - 3XNone$39.99
404Maggie Camo Night ShirtLingerieXS - 3XNone$39.99
Item #Girl's DressesSizeTrimMSRP
501Kat Girls Camo Halter Style DressGirl's Dresses2T - XLNone$69.99
502Kat Girls Camo Mid Calf Halter Style DresGirl's Dresses2T - XLNone$69.99
503Katelyn Camo Flower Girls DressGirl's Dresses2T - XLAll$79.99
504Brooklyn Camo Girls DressGirl's Dresses2T - XLAll$79.99
507Annie Camo Girls Sun DressGirl's DressesS - XLAll$69.99
508Lanie Girls Camo Butterfly Tie DressGirl's Dresses2T - XLAll$69.99
Camo Dresses & Gowns in Mossy Oak Break Up for Weddings, Proms, Homecoming, Etc.
Trim colors are: Camo, Blaze Orange, Hot Pink, Safely Yellow, Black, & White. Add inches to bottom of dresses for $5.99/inch.
Prices effective 7/20/2015