Tuxedo Help 911

Ok so you probably wouldn’t rent a tuxedo like the one shown unless your escorting a true Dumb & Dumber movie lover but that doesn’t mean you won’t need help.  First time tux rental might be a little scary so it can only help if you know what to expect.

It’s best to rent your tux as soon as you can since sports, jobs and life seems to get in the way of actually making a selection and being measured.  Larenas can accommodate even last minute orders the week of the prom but a rush fee does apply for orders within 14 days the event so order early to avoid that fee. After all you probably KNOW if you are going to the prom.

You do not need an appointment. Just pop over to 312 Georgian Place during business hours. Your measurements are taken in the shop along with height, weight and shoe size.  When you place your order, a payment is also required to reserve your tux.  This payment is applied to the rental and is not returned. Pricing depends on what you select. The least expensive option is here.

You might think your mom or date can just pick the tux but without the measurements, the tux can’t be reserved for you on the date of your event. Larenas does offer a service for repeat renters that may help out if the tux wearer is away at college or simply has a very busy schedule. We retain sizes from year-to-year so if the every day clothes he wears haven’t changed sizes in the past year, the measurements can be used from the previous year. Mom or girlfriend can pick the style and color, pay the minimum payment and the tux will be ready the week of prom for him try on/pick up.

To be prepared, try to have a swatch (piece of fabric) from your date’s gown.  Mint from one designer can be aqua or seafoam from another plus they might look all the same to you but WILL NOT look that way to your date.  If she doesn’t yet have her gown, a safe choice in accessories is black, white, silver or platinum.  If there is time, you might be able to switch to a different color but that depends on the popularity of the particular color and timeliness.  Cell phone photos are not a reliable comparison. **Think of that “blue and black or white and gold dress”.

A second and third choice in tuxedo, vest and tie is needed sometimes in case the first choice is rented out for your date.  As an example, if you are booking a hotel room and you really want an oceanview room but they happen to all be booked, you select poolside as a backup since you still want to go on vacation.  The price you pay is based on what you actually get- also like the hotel example.

It’s good to have an idea of the tux color you want before shopping. Black is most popular (and least expensive) but tuxedos in plaid, red, white, grey, tan, cement, charcoal, navy, burgundy, ivory, brown, slate blue and others are also available.  Other options include long tie or bow tie, vest, cummerbund or suspenders, and wing or laydown collar shirt.

The tux is available the week of your event for try on and pickup.  The tux is worn by another person the week prior.  Our deliveries occur at various times so make sure YOUR tux is in before making a special trip. Just because your friend’s tux is in and you ordered at the same time doesn’t mean they are delivered together.

Advice is one of the strong points at Larenas and is second only to our fit.  We’ve been renting tuxedos longer than today’s high school senior has been alive!  Our commitment to tuxedos is evidenced by our selection of styles and tux rental prices starting at $59.   Our staff can offer suggestions, show you different lapels, ask if you want a pocket square and even remind you to get matching socks!

We are the tuxedo specialists and even have certificates to prove it! For more tips or to start the selection process, browse our Value Priced Tuxedo & Suit Rentals or Tuxedo eCatalog.