Tuxedo Arrival

Meet Scot the tux delivery driver…

This is Scot. Scot is a tuxedo delivery person and all around great guy.  You don’t need to worry if the tuxedo you’re wearing this weekend will be “lost in the mail” since Scot (or some other equally nice person) brings them in the tuxedo delivery van.  We see our delivery driver a few times a week depending on how many orders we have.

While some tuxedo shops have your tux ready just two days prior to the event, most of our tuxedos arrive the Tuesday just prior to the wedding, prom or special event. (Sometimes even sooner!)  This gives everyone a little more time and less rush during the hectic week. This can be a lifesaver when you think of having to decorate, have rehearsal and all that other wedding stuff that needs done last minute.  Having the tuxedos delivered directly from SmartFormalwear also allows Larenas to fill some last minute orders with less worries and less hassle for you.

Scot has lots of stops to make so he typically arrives at our store later in the day. He always brings a smile when he delivers the tuxedos too.


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