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Guide to suspenders & tie

The less formal yet formal look that brides, grooms and guys going the the prom love is the suspenders and tie duo. Some of our favorite looks for this rustic and fashionable combination are mentioned below.

Mix & Match : We love how some weddings have mixed and matched attire! Classic wide charcoal suspenders looks great with a tiffany blue bowtie, white shirt and black pants for the groomsmen. The groom wears a full black suit or tuxedo and stands out with the jacket. Neutral suspenders coupled with a colored bow or long tie is one option for weddings and proms that adds just a touch of color. This look is a great choice for guys that prefer to wear less pink or some other equally girly color.

Bowtie & Suspenders Duo : This groomsmen look shows color from all sides. Long tie or bow tie in neutral shade  & suspender set in acolored wedding suspenders from back neutral bow tie with colored suspenders and studsbright color. It really looks fantastic with a variety of colored shirts and pants including grey, tan, brown, khaki, black even denim. This is a perfect example of how you can keep things traditional and be extra stylish as the same time! Colored suspenders can be hard sometimes but coupled with the black tie they don’t stand out but rather add a richness to the look.

Suspenders for the Ring Bearers : We love ring bearers donning any color of suspenders! It makes them look so adorable! Little guys can be even bolder when wearing colorful bow ties and suspenders and even look good when the groomsmen are wearing full suits or sans coat.

Dark suspenders with pool long neck tieLong neckwear with suspenders adds height to the gentlemen’s appearance and still looks great for a casual wedding or prom look.Suspenders

Larenas has 24 fabric color swatches in store for best color coordination and offers special combo pricing.



Men's Formal Wear Accessories Prices

Long Tie$20.00
Self Tie Long Tie$22.00
Bow Tie$10.00
Self Tie Bow Tie$15.00
Formal Cane$10.00
Pocket Square$10.00
Basic Cuff Links & Studs$8.00
Vest, Pretied Long Tie & Pocket Square$79.00
Vest, Pretied Bow Tie & Pocket Square$67.00
Cummerbund & Bow Tie$24.00
Basic Suspenders & Pre-Tied Bow Tie- 24 Colors$18.50
Basic Suspenders & Pre-Tied Long Tie- 24 Colors$26.00
Boys' Black Tuxedo #BOYS TUX-B$65.00
*Purchase prices exclude silk, camo, linen, & novelty print items. Some styles may be additional. See store for details. Special orders under $20 subject to $10 shipping charge. Prices in effect 1/1/2015


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