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After Six Catalina Black Two Button Notch SuitNot every special event requires a tuxedo.  That’s why suit rentals have become so popular.

It used to be that every guy owned a suit to be worn for semi formals, senior portraits, soph-senior, weddings, Christmas parties, funerals… You get the idea?  Borrowing a suit from your dad is an option but if he only has the suit he wore in school or is larger than you, you’ll just look bad.

With the costs of dry cleaning, growth spurts and a desire for the most up-to-date styles, sometimes it just makes sense to rent a suit plus you can easily match your dates dress with your tie and pocket square without running all over the place.  Larenas makes suit rental easy!

While we can fill last minute even unexpected orders like for a funeral, it’s best if you reserve your suit a few weeks in advance.  When you stop in, your measurements will taken by our professional staff as well as a down payment.  You can even rent the shoes and buy dress socks at Larena’s.  Advice is one of our best services so don’t be afraid to ask for some help.

Your suit will typically arrive the Tuesday before your event but not until after the delivery truck brings it so call before stopping in or wait until you hear from us.  After you try it on, any slight adjustments can be made if needed to assure a good fit.

When you show up at your date’s, she may think “WOW!”

Since suits rented for Saturday dates don’t need to be returned on Sunday (because Larena’s is closed then) you might even want to wear it to church to really get your money’s worth.

Here are some other special event and wedding suit rental choices.

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