Shoes make the outfit

Shoes are an important part of any outfit. Trying to find the style and color you need isn’t always easy. Recently someone stopped in searching for gold shoes after traveling to Greensburg and other areas without success. Now gold shoes aren’t necessarily all that hard to find but a gold shoe with a specific heel height, width and look apparently is hard-to-find.

Strappy looking shoes in silver, gold and bronze are a great complement to short dresses or long with walking slits. The bronze shoes look good with colors like chocolate, expresso and latte. If the color of your gown or dress seems to be “unmatchable” then there is always the dye to match choice or nude / champagne. Dyed to match involves sending a fabric swatch to the manufacturer so allow extra time from the normal delivery.

While feet come in various widths, so should the shoes. Narrow and wide shoes are the most sought after since they rarely are available at the chain stores. Don’t let the thought of special order price scare you. The Erin #807 from Touch Ups is under $45 plus looks great with jeans.

So before shopping online (we found a site with a lower price until you add the $15 shipping charge) or traveling far, check Larenas in Somerset.
PS- Children’s shoes can be ordered here too!

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