2018 Prom Gowns

Prom Season- Our Favorite Time of the Year

We LOVE prom time at Larenas and it shows. Owner Marcy McVicker personally selects each and every prom gown that comes into the store. This is a labor of love involving analysis of current fashion trends, getting input from various customers/employees, and designer suggestions.

Since prom is a short season many designers only make a certain number of dresses in each size and color. When they are sold, they are usually gone. Our advice: shop early! That way you get the best selection and there’s still plenty of time if we have to special order your dress.  As it gets closer to prom season then dress availability starts to decrease. Most dresses stay in stock for only a couple of weeks. 

Why shop at Larenas?

  • Great prices- Newest season styles are $225-$750.
  • In stock and special order with sizing help and our best service- ADVICE!
  • Larenas has prom gowns from some of the top designers in sizes 00 to 28.
  • Larenas doesn’t buy multiples of the same dress
  • Shop, try and buy in the same day or special order from a local store to eliminate the worries of buying on-line and there’s no shipping charges!!!
  • Free Layaway
  • Your date can look his best by renting his prom tuxedo from Larenas.

Some of Larenas designers available at Larenas:

A sampling of our prom styles are show below. 

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  • Milano Formals E2028
  • Two Piece Gown E70025
    $220 $189
  • Flirty Black Gown E70069
  • Milano Formals E2042
  • Milano Formals E2433
  • Milano Formals E2161
  • Milano Formals E2357
  • Milano Formals E2360
  • Simple Black Gown E70017
  • Milano Formals E1986
  • Milano Formals E2333
  • Milano Formals E2112
  • Milano Formals E2328
  • Milano Formals E2336
  • Sparkle 71722
    $278 $200
  • Beautiful Ball Gown E70028
  • Two Piece  Black Gown E70027
  • Sparkle 71730
    $318 $230
  • Classic  Black Gown E50036
  • Papaya Gown E50005