Prom advice

The photo for this post may not make sense if you stop here but keep reading and it will be crystal clear.

Does this sound like you?

I just love this prom gown that I tried on at So-and-so Store but that was the first place I’ve looked for a prom gown so I’m going to keep looking.

That happens quite often and girls might even ask if their “dream dress” can be held for them as they look at some other shops. The chain stores often have no qualms about holding a dress since they have a back up supply of half a dozen more of the same dress but that is not the case for specialty shops.

The boutique style shop that includes most bridal and formal stores can’t afford to hold a dress even for an hour. That is because they have invested time and money in selecting prom gowns for the specific area they serve and one missed sale can mean a style doesn’t make it to the prom this year. In fashion, the timeliness of the gowns and dresses is very important. Ladies don’t mind wearing “last year’s look” as long as it is at a discount.  So is it fair for the store to lose money because you “might” want that dress?

Another scenario we see all too often is a girl loves a dress but for one reason or another she can’t commit to it at the moment.  It can be a valid reason like payday isn’t until the next day so with the idea of buying that dress she later arrives in store with mother, grandmother, etc. in tow.  She looks around the store quickly then more frantically since the gown she wanted isn’t in sight.  After an inquiry of the salesperson, she finds out the dress was sold just moments ago.   That in and of itself isn’t a worry since it is early in the season she thinks she can just order the gown but not so fast.  The person that just bought that exact dress just happens to be going to your exact prom and so the store will not sell it to you since the prom gown registry has that style sold for your prom.

This all comes down to the best advice we can give you.

  • Shop early for the best selection of prom gowns.
  • If you find “the dress”, buy it now but then don’t continue to look at gowns. That is just asking for conflicted feelings of buyer’s remorse.
  • Do some online research but check out the local boutique style shops.
  • Remember the shopping experience can be half the fun.
  • Give your date a swatch of your dress if you want his accessories to match you.

And last but not least…Enjoy your prom!

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