Why not print your own invitations?

While many people feel comfortable using their computer and printer for many social invitations, a wedding requires something a little more professional than that.

There are two common methods for  professional printing of invitation cards: Thermography and Engraving. Thermography uses a printing plate made of a thin flexible metal or plastic sheet.  Not getting into too much detail, three drums cylinders are used to drive out the printed images in mass quantity.  This process has a raised feel and does not smear or bleed.  It is also much less expensive than engraving. Engraved invitations are more traditional and formal. This process involves etching the type into heavy cotton paper and is generally more expensive. Whichever type you choose, it should match the degree of formality of your event. Engraved invitations were sent with small pieces of tissue separating the enclosures to keep slow-drying inks of the time from smudging. Today, tissues remain a lovely tradition that enhances the rich, elegant look of the invitation.

Larenas offers expert advice with their invitation services PLUS a 15% discount and no shipping charges on printed invitation orders over $150.   For leisurely viewing of the various invitations, you can take a book home for a few days (with driver’s license).

To view other styles, visit carlsoncraft.com

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