Last Minute Weddings

Quick Order Bridesmaid Styles

The diamond on your finger was just placed there by your fiancĂ© and the wedding planning begins.  That special day may be far in the future with plenty of time to get everything in order. On the other hand, the wedding may be only two months away because of a deployment, location change, etc.

A wedding put together in a hurry need not sacrifice style.  Select bridesmaid gowns from Morilee and Mary’s Bridal have quick delivery at no additional charge in select sizes & colors.

Additionally, ANY of the Morilee Bridesmaids Collection styles have the option of rush six week production for an additional charge.   Remember to allow time for shipping and alterations!

Here are some of the quick order styles you can see at Larenas.  Stop in to see them soon!

Morilee bridesmaid gowns available for Quick Delivery as of May 1, 2017

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