Jubilee Queen

Jubilee QueenThe Jubilee Queen has the role of ambassador and role model for the Annual New Centerville Rural Volunteer Fire Company Jubilee. The Jubilee is the primary fundraiser for this local fire company.

Some of the qualifications for the Jubilee Queen are:

  • Any unmarried girl between the ages of 15-18 is eligible. Interested girls may only compete for this contest one time.
  • If the Jubilee Queen gets married or becomes pregnant during her rein, her title will be forfeited her successor will become Queen.
  • If the Jubilee Queen and/or members of the Court are criminally charged/arrested, her title will automatically be forfeited. Any monetary prizes, savings bonds, crown, etc. will automatically be returned to the Advisor.
  • ALL contestants must attend Rockwood Area School District
    (Exception: Girls attending other schools in Somerset Co. are eligible if they have volunteered at the Jubilee)

Jubilee Queen contest info:

This Jubilee Queen Contest is held the Wednesday evening after Labor Day in September. Typically, there is a dinner before contestants’ interviews with the judges and Jubilee Queen advisor. The contestants will ride the Express Wagon in the Grand Jubilee Parade on that Thursday and also have a practice that Monday prior to the contest.

Contestants are required to write and memorize a 60-second radio commercial promoting the Jubilee. An private interview after the dinner and two questions during the contest are a basis for judging along with the gown promenade.

Jubilee Queen responsibilities include:

The Queen & Court will be excused from school on Thursday & Friday of the Jubilee. They will attend all five days of the Jubilee and will attend the various activities, participate in demonstrations, present trophies and ribbons to winners of the competitions, attend the quilt show, assist with Kid’s Day, assist with auction, and attend Sunday Church Service.

There are a minimum of nine parades that the Jubilee Queen should attend. There are also various Buckwheat Suppers, one of the fire departments biggest fundraisers, that the Queen to help serve – there are 2 in the fall and 2 in the spring. The Firemen’s Golf Scramble is another fundraiser for the fire company that the Queen should try and attend.

For more info about the Jubilee Queen see www.ncrvfc.com

Larenas is please to have attired Jubilee Queens and Court members and offers a discount on any in store gown  for participants.

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