Finding the right prom gown

Prom… it’s only one night, but the memories last a lifetime.   The prom gown budget varies from $0 (perhaps you’ll borrow a gown) to several hundred.  It may be tempting to buy a gown online but we have had many last minute shoppers at our store scrambling to find a dress since they never received the one they ordered online.  They may not be out money since they usually dispute the charge with their credit card company but the extra hassle and stress of last minute shopping certainly doesn’t make happy memories.

Another popular shopping destination is the chain store.  You know the ones. They have gowns that are suitable for proms and are open lots of hours but don’t shop exclusively there.  The sales people at these stores can vary widely from those that are of no help and clueless to pushy and rude.  It’s ok to look here but at least look at locally owned shops before you buy.

What about those trick used in pressuring you to buy today~ the price is listed as $700 but marked down to $300.  WOW, that seems like a real deal but what do you have to compare that to?  Anyone can put a higher price on a gown then mark it down making you think it is a bargain but if you do your homework on the designers and styles you should know the true worth. Discontinued styles are harder to put a real price on but it’s not impossible.

#Truth if you pass on a prom dress today, it can be gone tomorrow (or even later that day)! 

For more info that that see “Kiss that dress goodbye”

It never hurts to shop at a local formal wear store first.  You can get an idea of quality, prices, styles and the service is usually better with tips on jewelry, shoes, matching tuxedo vest/tie selection and more.  Supporting the local economy helps even more when you consider that shop owner lives here and shops here as well.

While shopping at many stores and trying on lots of styles is a fun part of the prom experience, if you find the gown that makes you feel absolutely beautiful, you should buy it.

Larenas can help you find the dress of your dreams. Our large inventory, helpful staff, and fun atmosphere will make your shopping experience an exciting one. Whether you’re going for fun and funky, sleek and sophisticated, or elegant and glamorous, we are your one stop shop.

Larenas has the area’s nicest selection of rhinestone jewelry and accessories. We register formals, giving you a better chance of showing up at prom in a one-of-a-kind gown.

We carry all price points including sale gowns, stock size zero to plus size gowns and can even provide a tuxedo for your prom date. Stop by soon and see why our customers return year after year!

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