Easily Accessible?

Your time is important and that is most evident when you are preparing for a special occasion like a wedding, prom or other formal event.  There are some things that you can and will shop all over Pennsylvania, Maryland or even the world wide web.  That’s fine.  You want to be sure you are getting what you truly want for your event.  The thing to keep in mind is how shopping at a local store with convenient location and hours to fit your lifestyle is important.

We hear of groomsmen traveling to Greensburg, PA for tuxedos at the “Men’s” store.  While that isn’t such a far away place if your wedding is in Somerset, you have to think about actually picking the tuxedo up the week of the wedding.  If a guy works until 5 then heads to Greensburg and back on Thursday he must then go back after the wedding to return the tux.  We offer a closer choice than the wearhouse and friendlier service .

Bridesmaids can and do love shopping with the bride for the gowns that will compliment the bride.  The price does pay a factor though and on more than just the gown; consider gas, alterations and time.

Some people do stick with a close-to-home choice but are limited in the style selections of tuxedos or perhaps they don’t have persimmon or pool or whatever color that will match the dresses.  Is that combined with limited hours and inconvenient location without parking the best choice?

People make it work so maybe that’s all that matters but be informed.  Time is something you can never replace so spend it wisely.

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