Destination weddings

Beach weddings and other fun places to get married…

So you’ve decided that the marriage is more important than the wedding and you need a gown that is practical for the beach. Does that even make sense? Yes, you can look lovely and not have all the foo-foo of a formal wedding gown like you might feel pressured by your mom to wear.

If your heart and soul are looking for that perfect combination of relaxed style and grace then the Informals line from Mary’s Bridal, with its easy going elegance, will fit perfectly.

The bridesmaids styles CAN be worn again and especially the shoes. 

lord_west_horizon_tan_suit_LRG“What about the groom?” you may ask. Well the answer to his attire is the Lord West Horizon Tan Suit. With or without a tie, this suit makes sure that his look coordinates with yours without being too stuffy or too casual and is available at Larenas.

Love the casual look of suspenders and a bow tie? Well so do we and at a great purchase price who wouldn’t?

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