Camo Wedding & Prom

 You’ve asked for it and they’re HERE!  Larenas is please to offer camo wedding and prom gowns as a retailer for ATOC Camo Designs!

Camo tuxedos by Sarno & Son including camo vests and camo ties!

Stop in to see the gorgeous Mossy Oak Break Up camo satin.  Order camo wedding gowns in your choice of various patterns including PINK CAMO!  See, touch and try on camo wedding gowns and don’t forget we have camo tuxedo jackets too!

Camo Wedding & Prom patterns include:

  • Mossy Oak New Break Up Camo
  • True Timber Snowfall Camo
  • Mossy Oak Duckblind
  • Mossy Oak Infinity
  • True Timber PINK Snowfall Camo
  • True Timber Conceal Green
  • True Timber Harvest
  • Realtree Max 4 Choice
  • Realtree Hardwood Green
  • Camo West Vanish Hybrid
  • Mossy Oak NBU Winter
  • Mossy Oak Shadow
  • ShineAttire Moonshine (black/silver)
  • ShineAttire Outshine (brown)
  • ShineAttire Muddy Girl (pink/purple camo)

View more camo and related items here.


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