Bridesmaids as Individuals

You just got engaged and you’re already thinking about who will be in the wedding.  Your sister, best friend, his sister- they all just HAVE to be in the wedding but with such different style likes and dislikes you worry how everything will all come together.

Don’t fret!  Today’s brides have more choices than ever to have a great looking, coordinating wedding party.

The most obvious choice is for all the girls to wear the exact same style dress in the same color.  This can then be expanded to have all the bridesmaids in the same color/style but with the honored attendant in a different color/same style.  The jewelry and shoes may then be all the same or coordinating.

Option two is another great look that allows for more individuality with a harmonious look.  The bride picks out two or three styles that are of similar styling, fabric and color then each bridesmaid can choose her favorite.

A third choice might be the simple instruction to find a dress in the same color but the style and fabric can vary.  This works best when all the styles are from the same designer and skirt length.

Today’s brides are also opting for a color palette from which the bridesmaids can select. This example is shown above. Taupe, blush, and champagne are the hues in this example and styles range from a romantic style with touch of lace and chiffon to a modern geometric tank style dress. 

Last but not least, is an “anything goes” as long as the bride gets to pre-approve the style. This option can sometimes be the least expensive as gowns can be purchased from the sale/discontinued rack.  Keep in mind that it is still YOUR wedding and don’t be strong-armed into something that you don’t like.

A good place to start the bridesmaid style selection is right here.

Happy planning!



Mori Lee Bridesmaids