Boys’ Tuxedos

Boys TuxedoBoys have two options in formal wear at Larenas.  Buying and renting each have pros and cons.

Tuxedo and suit rentals can be ordered  as small as size 3. Matching the rest of the wedding party down to the persimmon tie and vest is easy since all the accessories are available in child sizes too.  While the sizes may be smaller, the rental cost are the same as the adults.  The primary reason for this could be that children’s rentals receive a lot of wear and tear.  The other reason is that rentals of all sizes require the same amount of processing when cleaning, selecting, etc. at the rental warehouse. Fit is sometimes better since a jacket and pants can be different sizes.  Basic alterations are included in the rental so hemming pants or lengthening sleeves can make for a more custom fit.

Buying has its own advantages.  The purchase price is often less than rental costs.  Owning a tux or suit allows you to wear it more than once for the same price.  Great for Maple Queen pageants, homecoming and for the little boy that seems to be in everyone’s wedding, a basic black tuxedo with black bow tie and vest can be purchased for $65 in infant sizes and larger.   If colored accessories are desired, the can be purchased or rented at additional cost.

Larenas is happy to offer both choices and recommend ordering at least six weeks prior to the event however last minute orders can be accommodated.


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