Asking a girl to the prom

Ok, so you are wanting to go to the prom and you’d rather not go alone.  What are your options?

  1. You go with your steady boy/girl friend.
  2. You go with a group of friends.
  3. You ask that one person that you can’t take your eyes off of every day in the cafeteria.

If your answer is one or two, than you can quit reading here.  Otherwise continue for some advice…


Getting up the nerve is to ask someone to the prom isn’t easy.  There is fear of rejection or worse- laughing.  But most guys can rest assured that girls WANT to go to the prom.  They are dying for someone, ANY one, to ask them to go.  That alone can sway things in your favor.

Most girls dream of going to the prom in a gown that makes them feel on top of the world and if you suggest that you can help turn that dream into reality, you might not have to say anymore.

Sometimes you can take advantage of a friend’s relationship status.  If your friend is taking his girlfriend, she may have a friend that would go with you so that she has someone to talk to at the prom.  Explore this possibility and your can be on your way.


Advice given above to the guys can work for you as well but girls often have the upper hand when asking since it takes the pressure off of the guy.  Girls can mention that the dress shopping is done and all that’s needed is a fun, witty and attractive person to go to the prom is needed.  He might just mention that he would be willing to be that person.


Here are some creative ideas you can copy.


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