5 Reasons to Attend a Prom Trunk Show

5 reasons to attend a prom trunk showWhen it comes to prom dresses, not all are created equal. Which is why we love trunk shows and all the perks they offer. Never been to a trunk show? A trunk show is an opportunity for viewing a larger portion of the selected designer’s gowns a store might otherwise not carry. Usually only a few days long, trunk shows offer the chance to order straight-off-the-runway styles.

Just in time for Larenas Prom 2016 by Mori Lee trunk show, we have listed the top 5 Reasons to Attend a Prom Trunk Show.

1) To see the more of the new collection.

Marcy McVicker, Larenas owner, says: “At a prom trunk show, customers get to see more of a collection than a store typically has in stock. In addition to our designer’s current in store inventory, there are numerous gowns that may not have been selected for purchase in our shop due to modesty level, fragility of fabric or any other reason.”

2) To add special touches to your prom look.

Marcy says: “While it can be hectic at a Trunk Show, the increased staff is here to help you put the whole look together. Take their advice on styles to try.

3) To shop during extended hours.

Marcy says: “We are open extended trunk show hours to make it more convenient for everyone including Sunday hours..”

4) To receive perks.

Marcy says: “Shoppers will receive a Swag Bag while supplies last just for stopping in during the prom trunk show PLUS an entry for a grand prize!

5) To score a discount.

Marcy says: “Trunk shows are the best time to save when purchasing your prom gown. Typically you will find that at trunk shows, a bonus is given when you buy the gown of your dreams. In the past it was free jewelry or shoes but we aren’t yet sure what the 2016 offer will be.”

Marcy’s trunk show tip sheet:

  • When attending a trunk show, come with an open mind and be willing to try on gowns you may not like on the hanger.
  • Bring only the person whose opinion you trust the most. Do not bring a big entourage, as it will make your experience more confusing for you and other shoppers.
  • Have mom, dad, grandma or whoever is paying for the dress available for either payment via credit card by phone or bring them along.
  • Come ready to make a decision, because the store bonus or discount will just be available during the trunk show plus when the designer sells out of a style, no more are produced.
  • Most important, have fun!